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Macros: Are they that hard to conquer?

First let’s break down what your Macronutrients. Macro means a large scale and nutrients are a substance that provides nourishment and energy to the body; so to put that together macronutrients are the four categories of nutrients our body mostly gets our energy from. These three main categories include:





While all of these building blocks are important when it comes to over all health protein is found to be the most effective macronutrient.

Below is what happens when protein intake is low, daily nutrients are low. There is a high percent of carbs but carbs are not a long term energy source because their expenditure is short and fast, while protein gradually gives you supplemental energy through out the day.

When it comes to protein calorie density is usually less while being more filling and fulfilling in energy.

All of the food above has 150 kcal but vary in protein and it is apparent what macro group is lacking in the important nutrient. Carbs. Many people refer to carbohydrates as empty calories, there is usually no benefit besides quick short bursts of energy. That doesn’t mean all carbs are bad tho less process carbs are good for athletes who need those bursts of energy right before a race or game.

Macronutrients may seem hard to understand when you’re not a dietician but with easy to read infographics and sites that provide them like


the concept of nutrients no longer seems as hard.