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Pivot Tables

The pivot tablet is a value tool for any one who wants to present their data findings in different formats. Data that has many different components can be manipulated and shown to represent the information in any heading the user wants to highlight. For example, if the user has data that has several high points to represent say, sales of kitchen applicants. A pivot table can manipulate the header of the data by leading sales manufacture, must or least purchased applicants, or in any variant the user wants their data represented. This type of table can be a very useful tool when doing a presentation for a company that needs to know how sales for their company are doing, or to check on the competition’s sales on their different products. The pivot table can also be used for personal finances. A household budget can be entered and they can see the many ways their money can be saved or spent to keep them in healthy financial structure.

Family Budget

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Business Sales Presentation

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