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What an inspiring website. The infographics shown on this website are phenomenal. This website provides great assistance when one needs to create a specific infographic or display to make a point. As shown below on the VizHealth website the user is allowed select categories detailed towards the health statistics specific to the presentation.

The website Vizhealth is a beautiful tool when creating a presentations. The website generates vibrant images to be used when displaying pertinent information to viewers. The variety of selections available really can help users become creative and select and image best suited for the audience.

Creating a presentation is not an easy task. VizHealth does the hard part for the one presenting. Generating bold pictures with easy to read statistics can be half the battle. The user simply needs to click the categories that apply to the presentation and the infographic is created. A great tool in the health field or in health classes to teach people of positive and negative impacts ones decisions have on a persons health backed up with statistics.