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VizHealth is a site that helps users make better decisions about their health to try and help reduce their risks of cancer and diseases. I thought this site was well put together and is extremely useful for people to use to help themselves understand the importance of making good choices to improve their health. The site is very user-friendly and everything you need is clearly labeled and easy to use. Under the using visualizing health tab there are many resources to help users choose and adapt visualizations to their needs. There are even resources to calculate risks by entering demographic data. There are many different visualizations under the browse the gallery section that can be used. The best way that I found to find the visualization that you need is to use the wizard.

The wizard is a built-in tool that allows users to find the right type of visualization by asking the users questions so the algorithm can obtain the relevant visualizations. This is super useful in narrowing down the immense options that are on the site. Once the user answers the 2 questions the results are shown in two sections. The first section is results that match both tags and the second are the ones that only matched one of the tags selected. Users are also able to add more tags after the initial 2 questions if they want to fine-tune their results more. This is because the wizard serves to use what we deem is the primary goal and it utilizes only 2 categories to do so. These tools allow users to create a suitable experience with the data and visualizations they need. This is an amazing resource for people to use.

Click here to visit VizHealth to give it a try for yourself.

Here is a video from VisHealth explaining the purpose of visualizing health.