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Infographic tools:

One of the best tools for infographics that I found is Infogram. Infogram is a data visualization tool that has over 20 ready made design themes to choose from. It allows people to create customized brand themes with colors, cool logos, and fonts. Infogram also lets the designers create informative charts and maps. This tool also allows the user to create eye-catching designs in a short amount of time which is the most important thing with infographics. They are supposed to be short and to the point while also grabbing the attention of the viewers. Infogram offers subscription based service for personal use or business. Another tool that I saw is called Visme. Visme is free and allows the user to create engaging infographics and presentations. The free tool offers over 100 free fonts, millions of free images, and thousands of quality icons. They have a premium option for more advanced service, but the free option is still great. Overall, finding tools similar to these ones are huge when creating infographics. It saves the user a lot of time while also helping the user create fun informative infographics. Simple and creative is the goal when creating one of these, and that’s what these tools allow.