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Tools to easily construct a Infographic

Why Infographics

Infographics allow the present/writer to present information in an interactive way to their audience. In doing so this helps the audience to quickly depict the information more easily as well as retain the information for a longer period of time.

Top 3 useful Infographic sites

#1 Canva

A personal favorite of mine, which is a free and subscription based website as well as app that allows you to create personal infographics, flyers, and many other social media uses. It includes templates for beginners to copy & paste their information easily. It also offers free pictures & even
gifs to appeal to the audience

#2 Infogram

Also an online infographic maker which allows you to easily access templates and tools to create your own personal design. With various charts, graphics, and animations it helps you gain appeal to your information to engage with the audience.

#3 Snappa

Not as much variety as Canva however is alot free and contains various graphics. It is very beginner friendly allowing drag and drop access to manipulate templates into your own.

Why Using Apps is Easier

  • Photo shop is too time consuming
  • Graphic Designers are too expensive
  • Web-based tools too complicated
All theses apps are easy to manage, edit, and share at a click of a button to allow users to use for personal, business, or educational uses.