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And the season begins….

We have our first 2014 reports of adult butterflies!  Yay! Jack Miller found an eastern comma and two Polygonia, sp. at MacNamara WMA on 2-20-14. On 2-22-14 Brian and Karen Johnson spotted two Polygonia sp. on Weatherby Rd and Will … Continue reading

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How many species in November?

We have already had some interesting reports in the new month: Steve Glynn’s find of checkered white near Rt 49 in Millville on November 2 (photo’d above) and several others. Early yesterday morning (November 3) Will Kerling noted: “After a … Continue reading

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September Pix (So Far….!)

Keep ‘em coming, photographers. You can add your photos as links directly to the log as described in the blog below — or send them as attachments to nacotejackATgmailDOTcom. Keep reporting, everyone! jc

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August 2013 Compilation

August 2013 was another very good month for butterflying in South Jersey. We found 61 species during the month (one more than last August’s good count of 60). We also totaled 3680+ reports, topping last August’s excellent total of 3300+ and … Continue reading

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Young Leps….

… can be worth a photo long before they fly! Photographers willing to share their shots on this blog or our log please send along to nacotejackATgmailDOTcom. Thank you!

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July Opens With a Flurry

  We’ve had some good finds and cool photos over the last week or so.  Above and below, a small sampling: Thanks to each of these photographers for sharing their shots. Keep ‘em coming!

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Staying or Straying?

Last weekend’s re-appearance of great spangled fritillary in Marilyn Patterson’s garden in Alloway, as documented by Steve Glynn’s lovely photos, sparks the question above. Steve’s report makes only the 18th for the species since the log began in 2008. Ten … Continue reading

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December 2012 Compilation

Black swallowtail caterpillar photo’d by Will Kerling on 12-22-12 in Cape May Point. (When will we see the first flying adults of this species in 2013?) Nine butterfly species flew in South Jersey in December: cabbage white orange sulphur cloudless … Continue reading

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Will K on Year’s Close

Red admiral photo’d by Will Kerling on 12-4-12 at Cape May Point. This species will apparently be the last recorded this year — on 12-23-12, also by Will. Will Kerling has been carefully following the persistence of four species of … Continue reading

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Hybrid Viceroy

Dave Amadio’s sharp observing led him to photograph this apparently hybrid butterfly in his backyard in West Deptford on October 19. He reports: This is at least the 2nd Limenitis archippus/arthemis hybrid that I have seen this year. I had … Continue reading

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