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Monarchs, Monarchs, Monarchs

Monarch roost photo’d by Pat Sutton (details below) 9-25-12. Lots of us got our starts chasing after butterflies because of fall monarch flights, and the wonderful phenomenon may be peaking for 2012 this weekend, with thousands of individuals along our … Continue reading

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Skipper Madness Continues

Brazilian skipper, photo’d by Steve Glynn at Woodland Village, Clermont (Cape May Co) 9-27-12. Our newest contributing observer, Steve Glynn of Millville, jumped into our pool with a big splash last week, by recording our 4th record of Brazilian skipper … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, North of Cape May. . .

Bronze copper, our only report of the year, photo’d by Dave Amadio on Sunset Drive, Salem County, 9-9-12. As everyone who visits our log knows by now, Cape May has been the hottest of hot spots for the last couple … Continue reading

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The Southern Story Continues…

Long-tailed skipper photo’d by Gibson Reynolds in the Cape May Meadows, 9-14-12. This year’s invasion of southern species continues as Ocola and long-tailed skippers have become amazingly numerous in southernmost NJ. Ocola skipper photo’d by Will Kerling in Cape May … Continue reading

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Straying or Stretching?

Long-tailed skipper missing its tails photo’d by Cynthia Allen in her garden on 9-3-12. A second long-tailed skipper, with both tails, photo’d by Cynthia in her garden the very next day, 9-4-12. The northernmost area of the species’ regular breeding … Continue reading

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Southbound & Historic?

Painted ladies — one small sample — photo’d by Will Kerling at Cape May Point on 8-26-12. August closed with a flurry of memorable sightings during the last week, including: –> long-tailed skipper (the first one found by Chris Tonkinson … Continue reading

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