A Checklist of 55 SJ Species New Observers Can Find

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At the link below is a checklist put together to help us attract new observers to our Sightings Log and our South Jersey Butterfly Project.

The idea is to provide a single sheet of paper without fancy graphics (so it’s easy-to-print) to help folks get a head-start looking at butterflies in our area.

If possible, please print out a few copies to pass along to anyone you know who has expressed an interest in butterflies — or anyone you encounter in the field who seems like they might be interested.

“What are you looking at?

“It’s a mourning cloak.”

“Cool!  It’s beautiful.  You know, I’ve always wanted to learn butterflies.”

“Here’s a checklist that might help you. Tells you some of the easier ones to find in southern NJ and when they fly.  And it tells you about our group as well.  Anyone can join.  No membership fees and no entrance exam!”

A Checklist To Draw New Observers