Who are we?

The South Jersey Butterfly Project is an unofficial organization of naturalists of various backgrounds who have joined together to track some of the prettiest and most intriguing animals in South Jersey. Some of us started exploring nature as birders, others as botanists, and a few as entomologists right from youth.

Our log started in 2008 with a half a dozen observers linked by email, telephone, and the Google public spreadsheet tool. We have grown quickly and our data set has gotten larger and more detailed each year.

On September 1, 2015, we adopted the David Reese logging system and stopped counting the sheer number of reports received.  To see the most recent compilation of data, go to:

2019 Vs 10-Year Averages

To see all first and last sightings for all years, 2008-2020, go to:

Early & Late Dates All Species 2008-2020

To see our current, live log, go to:

Our South Jersey Butterfly Project Active Log

Creating An Account & Other Details About Our New Log

Some of us like to think we are developing a system here to track butterflies as carefully as they are being tracked over such a large area as anywhere else in North America. Whether that’s true or not, we like to think it.

Let’s keep at it!