Ninety-One Species So Far

Claire Campbell found this long-tailed skipper, our 90th species, in her garden in Marlton, BUR, on September 12..  We have had half a dozen reports since, all in CMY.

Claire Campbell found this long-tailed skipper, our 91st species, in her garden in Marlton, BUR, on September 12. We have had half a dozen reports since, all in CMY.

Will Kerling has very kindly compiled our list of all species reported to our log so far this year in South Jersey. Here’s his report. Thank you, Will!

As of September 19, I think that we have the 91 species for the year (the minimum). Over our log’s existence we have found between 90 and 95 species a year.

The 56 true butterflies are as follows:

Swallowtails = Pipevine, Black, Eastern, Spicebush and Giant Swallowtails

Whites = Checkered and Cabbage White plus Falcate Orangetip

Sulphurs = Clouded, Orange and Cloudless Sulphurs plus Sleepy Orange and Little Yellow

Harvester = Harvester

Coppers = American, Bronze, and Bog Coppers

Hairstreaks = Red-banded, Hessel’s, Coral, Edwards’, Banded, Striped, Juniper, White M, and Gray Hairstreaks

Elfins = Brown, Hoary, Henry’s, Eastern Pine, and Frosted Elfins

Blues = Blueberry, Holly and Summer Azures plus Eastern Tailed-Blue

Snouts = American Snout

Fritillaries = Variegated, Great Spangled, and Meadow Frits

Brush-footed Butterflies = Pearl Crescent, QM, Eastern Comma, Mourning Cloak, American and Painted Ladies, Red Admiral, and Common Buckeye

Admirals and Relatives = Red-spotted Purple and Viceroy

Emperors = Hackberry and Tawny Emperors

Satyrs = Appalachian Brown, Georgia Satyr, Little Wood-Satyr and Common Wood-Nymph

Danaus species = Monarch

The Skippers’ two groups include 11 species of Spread-winged Skippers and 24 species of Grass Skippers, as follows:

Spread-wing Skippers = Long-tailed Skipper, Silver-spotted Skipper, Southern and Northern Cloudywings, Hayhurst’s Scallopwing, Sleepy, Juvenal’s, Horace’s, and Wild Indigo Duskywings, Common Checkered-Skipper and Common Sootywing.

Grass Skippers = Zabulon, Salt Marsh, Aaron’s, Rare, Dotted, Swarthy, Least, European, Fiery, Cobweb, Peck’s, Tawny-edged, Crossline Skippers, Northern Broken-dash, Little Glassywing, Sachem, Delaware Skipper, Mulberry Wing, Broad-winged, Dion, Two-spotted, Dun, Dusted and Ocola Skippers.


56 True Butterflies

11 Spread-winged Skippers

24 Grass Skippers

91 species in total, as of 9-19-16 – Great!!!

Potential New Ones for 2016: Clouded Skipper, Brazilian Skipper, Gulf Fritillary, Palamedes Swallowtail, Eufala Skipper and other great ones

It is very difficult to find a new one now — as per usual.


With this report and photo by Tom Bailey in Palmyra, BUR, Ocola skipper, our 89th specie, has now been recorded in 5 of our 8 counties:  GLO, CUM, CAM. CMY, and BUR.

Ocola skipper was our 90th species in 2016. Tom Bailey photo’d this one in Palmyra Cove Nature Park, BUR, on September 17 — adding a new county to this year’s list for the species. It has now been recorded in 5 of our 8 counties in 2016: GLO, CUM, CAM. CMY, and BUR.

Update: Soon after sending along his report, Will found an Ocola skipper in Atlantic County: Estell Manor, 9-18-16. So we now need to find Ocolas in just SAL and OCN to complete a sweep of all eight counties for the year.

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