This site represents the work of students in the Senior Seminar in Literary Recovery taught by Dr. Deborah Gussman at Stockton University, Spring 2015. Each student had the option of recovering and introducing an unknown or little-known text by a 19th-century American woman writer or contributing to the discussion and dialogue about a text that has been recently recovered by other scholars. They also created the pages on the writers/texts for this virtual exhibition, which provides a snapshot of their larger projects. The page creators are listed with the names of their authors and texts below:

Denise Bergmeister, Rebecca Hund, and Purvi Parikh: Hannah Crafts, The Bondwoman’s Narrative (c. 1856)

Laura Diamond and Rileigh Ruff: Julia C. Collins, The Curse of Caste; or the Slave Bride (1865)

Sydni Fahringer: Anna Katharine Green: The Hermit of ____ Street (1898)

James Gardner, Kelly Lanigan, Louis Valeri, and Kaitlin Warwick: Julia Ward Howe, The Hermaphrodite (c. 1840)

Cameron Glover: Onoto Watanna (Winnifred Eaton), Miss Nume of Japan (1899)

Morgan Mulloy: Phoebe Cary, Poems and Parodies (1854)

Michelle Murdock: Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton, The Squatter and the Don: A Novel Descriptive of Contemporaneous Occurrences in California (1885)

Caitlin Oeser: Emma May Buckingham, A Self-Made Woman; Or,  Mary Idyl’s Trials and Triumphs (1873)

Perri Stueber: Alice Holmes, Arcadian Leaves (1859)

Brittany Tenpenny: Anna L. Johnson, “Aunt Penelope’s Girlhood” (1868)

Nicole Vancil: Susette LaFlesche (Bright Eyes), “Omaha Legends and Tent Stories” (1883)




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