This week we explored Hyperdocs. Not only did I learn what they and the purpose they serve, but I also found examples of them. Using the Twitter page TeachersGiveTeachers (@TsGiveTs) and the hashtags Hyperdoc and Hyperdocs I was able to find many good examples. I found this website that has an ample amount of examples for novel hyperdocs to help students have a more effective and interactive learning experience. Also, this blog chronicles the collaboration of Hyperdocs and Microsoft’s OneNote. This is an amazing idea, OneNote is already a brilliant tool to use in the classroom. The interactiveness and efficiency of Hyperdocs and OneNote engages students and also makes an easy place to incorporate links for lessons but also provides notes on the topic.

I wish my teachers had used more Hyperdocs, they are interactive and fun. They make learning lessons more engaging and efficient because all of the necessary links and materials are in one place. The examples of the novel Hyperdocs I looked at provided a place to learn and reflect about the books and questions to encourage critical thinking. Hyperdocs are an excellent way to give lessons that engage students and provide an interactive learning experience.

Article by Becka Bloom

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