We Go Green: A WE Schools Resource

The WESchools website is fantastic for students and teachers everywhere. It is so neatly organized and makes it super easy to navigate from different tabs and articles. WESchools is a program that challenges students to identify the local and global issues that empower them with the tools to take action. WESchools also encourages that teachers and students work together to learn about the world and to take action to help improve our environment. Click here to see the WESchools website.

We Go Green

The We Go Green resource that is featured on the website is something that caught my eye. After reading about We Go Green, I realized that this is definitely something I want to incorporate in my classroom as a future educator. The goal of We Go Green is to get students to live a more sustainable life as well as encourage others around them to do the same. This resource also relates to the Sustainable Development Goals which is great. As stated on the We Go Green resource packet “Whether it’s taking a sustainability pledge to reduce plastic waste or starting a garden at your school or in your community, you have the power to create a greener world for everyone to enjoy.”.

Another think about the We Go Green program is that it gives you a chart of ways you can be more sustainable and help our environment. This chart varies between age group with it being slightly more challenging the older you get, but no matter what age or what you are doing every little bit helps. This chart is definitely something I will be showing my future students and encouraging them to help care for our planet and better our future. The chart is pictured below.

The outline of this program is so organized and absolutely perfect for teachers. It gives you step by step on what you need to do, assignments, lesson ideas, and includes all the materials necessary to teach this in the classroom. It is so important for students to feel connected to the world and feel like they can make a change. Encouraging our students to be a part of something bigger than what they can see is so important, especially in a school setting. I will be without a doubt using WESchools to help encourage and teach my future students.

To learn more, Click here to see the We Go Green resources.

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