“Authentic Learning, with Real-World Partners”

“Authentic Learning, with Real-World Partners”


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In chapter 4 the excerpt that caught my eye was called “Authentic Learning, with Real-World Partners” located on page 52 of the textbook. In this particular paragraph it talks about how each teachers students don’t just use textbook, but instead their students are the textbook! With this being said, the students mentioned in these classes use blogs posts, videos, images and more to communicate their thoughts and ideas with other students around the world!


“How Blogging Is Being Used In the Classroom Today”

While browsing through the internet, I found a post that caught my eye. In this article it tells us information about how blogs are being used in the classrooms today, benefits of using blogs in the classroom, etc. Not only can teachers communicate to their students, but students can communicate and learn from students all over the world.

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Benefits of blogging in the classroom:

  • Instructors are able to post information about what is happening in the classroom or post important information so the parents can stay up to date.
  • Teachers are able to share lessons, assignments, homework, etc to their students or even to other students/teachers/parents all over the world.
  • Teachers are able to post students previous work as examples
  • Students and teachers can learn from others all around the world!

My Opinion:

  • When I became a teacher in the future one of the things that I will use in my classroom is a blog. In all honesty, before I took this web tools class I had no idea what a blog was or even what WordPress was. Now that I use it I became addicted with it and believe it is a great tool for all students to use to not only stay up to date, but to also learn from others all around the world.

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