“Skype All Around the World”


“Skype All Around the World”

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Welcome to my 3rd Blog post!

Summary: Throughout the years technology has become popular all over the world. In today’s day and age most teachers are using it not only to communicate with others, but their also incorporating it into their lesson plan. For example, an elementary school teacher incorporated Skype into her lesson plan. Over the week they are going to Skype other individuals throughout the world and learn about the different cultures through discussion on Skype.


What is Skype?


What is Skype in the classroom?

  • “Skype in the classroom is “a free global community” that allows teachers to collaborate on classroom projects and share skills and inspiration around specific teaching needs. Teachers can use Skype in a variety of ways to enhance their students understanding of a certain topic in a way that will be more exciting and memorable. Skype in the classroom allows for students to experience new cultures, language, and ideas without having to leave the classroom at all” (maryvillecollege.edu).

What are the benefits to using Skype in the classroom?

  • It provides students with opportunities to socializes with students outside of the classroom
  • Students can look to other students in their classroom and around the world for help besides the teacher
  • Students can connect with other cultures

Lesson plan that incorporates Skype:

This elementary school teacher integrated Skype in her lesson for the week. Over the course of the week her students will be skipping other individuals from all over the world to learn about the different cultures through discussion. Th objectives of this lesson plan is to teach students about different regions and cultures throughout the world, and to teach students about diversity.

Link: https://wiki.itap.purdue.edu/display/INSITE/Skype+Lesson+Plan+for+Elementary+School


Skype in the classroom brings together classes in New Zealand and California:


Teachers share why they use Skype in the classroom:

Thank you for reading blog post #3! I hope you enjoyed it and will use Skype in your classrooms!

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