My Twitter Experience!

My Twitter Experience 


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Blog post #5

  • Throughout the course Web Tools: Global Learning we had to create a twitter account and follow people who were in our major, as well as follow our classmates. Before taking this course twitter was one of the many social media tools that I used, so using twitter is easy for me considering I have been using it for many years!

My Thoughts on Twitter:

  • Prior to taking this class I had a twitter account, but it was mainly for just following my friends and tweeting unnceccessary tweets. Until I took this class, Web Tools: Global Learning is when I thought of twitter differently. For this class it was mandatory that we created a twitter account and followed not only our classmates, but also educators from all over the world. I feel using twitter for a class is a great thing because you get to meet new people, make new friends, learn new things, and also meet people of your major. In the future I hope to become a teacher, and by using twitter it has helped me gain a lot of knowledge about education. I believe all teachers should familiarize their students with twitter!

Link: Below is a link to a youtube video that I found stating why all teachers should use twitter!


How have those social media space conversations affected the way you think about learning?

  • The social media space conversations affected the way I think about learning because it made me realize how much you can get out of communicating with other people. Since I have created my new account for this class and followed people that are teachers, I have learned so much from what they post!

Have you learned anything significant?

  • Considering that I had a twitter account prior to taking this class I already knew how to work twitter, so that being said since creating my new one for Web Tools I have not learned anything significant. But the one thing I can say is new to me is participating in the twitter chats!

My Twitter Chat/Chats

  • Before taking this class I have never ever participated in a twitter chat, so with that being said I was a bit nervous to participate in my very first one. For the first one, I was pretty confused, but knew it wouldn’t be that difficult since all I had to do was reply to people, ask questions and start conversations. Continuing on with the twitter chats has gotten a lot easier and less frustrating for me. Instead, I find myself learning new things from them and actually engaging myself with teachers from all around the world!

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