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Google Expeditions 

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What is Google Expeditions?

  • Google Expeditions is a google app that allows teachers and students to explore the world through many different tours. This app allows you to swim with the sharks, visit outer space, and more eventful things without even having to leave the classroom!

All about VR tours

  • In the VR tours teachers and students use mobile devices VR viewers to explore an art gallery or museum, as well as swim underwater or navigate the outer space without even having to step foot out of the classroom! Below you will find a video of a VR tour!

All about AR tours

  • With AR tours teachers use mobile devices to bring objects into their classroom, so students, who are using mobile devices are able to walk around and see 3D objects that aren’t physically in the room! Below you will find a video of an AR tour!

Tour Creator

  • Teachers and students are able to use the app “Tour Creator” to create virtual-reality tours and publish them on “Poly.”
  • Teachers are able to add tours they created in “Tour Creator to Expeditions”  to guide students in their class.

Are you ready to get started?!

  • It’s a quick and easy process! First you have to get the Expeditions Kit
  • After that all you have to do is download and install the “Expeditions app!”

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What is Sharealike?

  • Sharealike is an app on your mobile device that automatically creates a slideshow using your most recent photos when you open the app on your mobile device.

What can you do?

  • Having Sharealike allows you to change/add photos, select your theme and music, and personalize your slideshow to fit your needs!

Share with your friends!

  • You can share your slideshow on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, or Via tex or email with the entire world, or even just with your friends and family! It is all up to you.

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Out of Eden Walk

“Out of Eden Walk”

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The Journey, Milestone 2: Afar Badlands

  • While exploring this walk, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of what it looked like, watching the video and reading all of the information to learn new things!
  • One of the people that I learned about while going on this walk was Ali Dille. Ali is the district manager in Hadar Wareda. He states that 2 of the most famous scientists live in Wareda
  • Below is a link to the video that shows you around the place

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“Every hundred miles Paul Salopek pauses to record the landscape and a person he meets, assembling a global snapshot of human kind” (national

Chapter 1: Out Of Africa, Baby Steps

  • While exploring the second walk through the “Out Of Eden Walk” called “Baby Steps I enjoyed reading through the stories, and browsing through all of the pictures

  • Alema the guide leads as we pass a camel herd in the Afar region

  • Loading up for the trek from Bouri village to the Ethiopia-Dijbouti border

  • Middle Stone Age point, Afar region, Ethiopia

Chapter 1: Out Of Africa, New World

  • Reading through this story that was posted has really given me the idea of how everyone lived their life back then. It seemed that people really struggled to make ends meet, and they also had to travel by foot

  • The camels observe their competition, Afar Triangle, Ethiopia

  • Ethiopian police watch anthropocene video, Afar triangle