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Garment Workers of South Jersey: Nine Oral Histories

Jointly published by the Stockton Center on Successful Aging, the South Jersey Culture & History Center, and Kramer Hall, this collection of oral histories describes the impact of the garment industry on South Jersey. To purchase the book, contact SJCHC Director, Thomas Kinsella. To acquire a class set for your classroom, contact Why the Humanities Matter project leader, Adalaine Holton.

South Jersey K-12 teachers and Stockton faculty enjoy using the Garment Workers collection in the classroom to introduce students to a range of topics including local history, women’s history, labor history, and oral history.

We invite you to peruse the coordinating lesson plans provided below written by Shawn Riggins, a history teacher at Cumberland County Technical Education Center:

Lesson Plan: Introduction to Garment Workers

Lesson Plan: Oral History

Lesson Plan: Factory Life

Lesson Plan: Industrialization

Lesson Plan: Creating a Children’s Book

Lesson Plan: Gender