Session Descriptions and Resources

Anti-Racist Approaches to Teaching British Literature, Prof. Emily August

How can teachers integrate discussions of race and racism into their British literature curriculum, which is still primarily comprised of white authors writing about the experiences of white characters? Opening with a set of paradigm-shifting approaches to the British literature canon, this webinar will explore a variety of strategies, handouts, and exercises for modifying classroom discussions of British texts. Participants will leave the webinar with a curated bibliography of pedagogical resources that can help empower them to “decolonize” the British literature curriculum. 

Black Atlantic History, Prof. Kameika Murphy

Sponge fishermen and houses, Cuba, ca. 1850. Album Pintoresco de la Isla de Cuba (Havana) [?], 1851

Imagine the Atlantic Ocean as a cultural hub connecting African cultures in various forms to that of Europe and the Americas. The Black Atlantic highlights the importance African contributions to the Atlantic region. We will explore the lives and identities of Africans and their descendants, examine communities they built, and trace cultural retention, transformations, and disconnections that resulted from these histories. Participants will receive a list of resources, ideas for classroom activities, and a lesson plan. 

Latino Culture – Defining Hispanicity: Hispanics and the American Future, Prof. Arnaldo Cordero-Román

This workshop will focus on the multicultural influences that impact daily life in urban, suburban and even rural America. Interactive online reference materials will enable teachers to enhance their knowledge of ideas, norms, social behaviors. K-12 educators will become more familiar with mapping cultures via demographics; identify geographical locations; grasp cross-cultural diversity; and relate to the direct effect of family values, customs based on religion, intergenerational social dynamics, communities, languages, music, poetry and even sports. Activities will include but not be limited to varied examples of multicultural engagement via online access to select digital reference sources.