“How to get fired for using Technology”

“10 Social Media Rules for Teachers”


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Welcome to my second blog post!

Article Summary:  “10 Social Media Rules for Teachers” is an article published by the American Board Blog. In this article it talks about 10 rules teachers have to follow while using technology so they don’t get fired. Throughout the years technology has become very popular, and more teachers are getting fired due to the misuse or technology. “An estimated 74% of Americans over the age of 18 use social networking websites. Naturally some of these adults are educators. But with news stories of teachers being fired or disciplined for tweets, status updates, and Instagram photos becoming more common, educators can be (understandably) anxious when using social media” (American Board Blog).

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10 Social Media Rules

  1. Know your school
    1. While working in a school district it is very important that you know your school, county, and states guidelines social media guidelines for employees. Some rules you may have to follow are status updates, profile pictures and more.
  2. Watch who you friend/follow
    1. Be careful who you friend request and follow on social media. You are NOT allowed to be friends with your students on any social media until AFTER graduation.
  3. Keep your profile pictures clean
    1. Profile pictures that you post on your social media sites should never show alcohol, drugs, or anything that can be said to be a gang sign. Note: even if you have your profile on private, your profile pictures can still show up on search engines.
  4. Do not affiliate yourself with your school on a personal profile
    1. Never post the name of the school you work at, it could be dangerous and harmful to not only you, but also the school itself
  5. Do not geo-tag yourself with your school location
    1. If you geo tag yourself with your school location, it will allow access for your students to get on your social media profile
  6. Screenshots can last forever
    1. Be careful what you post on snapchat and even any social media website. Screenshots can last forever
  7. Set your Instagram account to private
    1. Setting your Instagram account private allows you to approve of someone first before they look at your profile.
  8. Never mention your school
    1. What ever you mention in a post can be found on a search engine
  9. Never talk bad online
    1. You want to look professional, words get around fast!
  10. Neer post photos of your students on social media
    1. You are considered to be violating a students privacy by doing this.

Note to future Educators:

Please be mindful of all of these 10social media rules for teachers. Anything you post online can not be taken off and what you say online can not be taken off either. Make good decisions. You are a role model for these children!


Thank you for reading this blog! I hope you take information away from this and hope you remember and follow these 10 rules when you become a teacher! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @MeganSw12613149

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