Crippled Skipper ID Challenge

(photo by Chris Herz)

Chris Herz reports (8/1/11):

“Found this skipper in our stone driveway…. I thought it was a fly at first — until I looked at it with my binoculars and was surprised to see it was a skipper.”

The pitiful little guy has a short future, it would seem.

Anyone want to try to ID its species? You can click on the Comments tool below to post your thoughts. Chris reports that sachems are usually the most common skipper in her yard (though none yet this year). She’s had a couple of zabulons recently and one Peck’s. “We really do not get much of a variety of skippers in our small suburban yard,” she notes.

Here are two more of her shots. Click any to enlarge. Let us know if you have a guess (or certain answer?) to share.


(all photos by Chris Herz)

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