Wade Wander: The Cicadas Are Coming

(Wikicommons image.)

Get ready, everyone!  Sometime in the next month or so, Brood X periodical cicadas should emerge from underground, where they have been feeding on tree roots since 2004.  According to the University of Connecticut’s newest map, Brood X ranges from western New Jersey west through Indiana to eastern Illinois and south to eastern Kentucky and northern Georgia.

Periodical Cicada Broods Map from The University of Connecticut. Brood X is represented by purple ovals.

How many you will see (and hear!) seems hard to predict and also may depend on where in the state you live — or how far from home you care to explore.  As a public service for all interested, Wade Wander has provided the informative account and wonderful photos at the link below to help us understand this amazing phenomenon.    

Wade Wander: The Cicadas Are Coming


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