“Feel Free To Contact Me” List?

I have been asked on a number of occasions to provide emails for other members of our log. Most often, folks want to know the specifics of where, exactly, a butterfly was found. Other times, they want directions to a hot spot, e.g. Lakehurst or Old Robbins Trail.

I am uncomfortable providing email addresses without asking or giving exact locations to butterflies someone else has found — and I often don’t know the directions to the hot spots. (You don’t want to know my route to the Lakehurst Bog, for example, unless you have a couple of hours to kill!)

So, can we try to construct a list of those of you willing to be contacted about the finds you have reported or the locations you know best — and/or of those of you who would be happy just to share information more directly than is possible on the log? There are lots of reasons it would be good to have a public list.

If you are willing to be on our “Feel Free To Contact” compilation, could you please click “Leave a comment” below and supply your name and email? . A few words about where you most often pursue butterflies might also be useful to those seeking info about specific areas.

If we get half a dozen (or more) volunteers, I’ll compile the list and create a single post with all names and emails and add it to the “Pages” links to the upper right where it will be quickly accessible.

Thank you, everyone!

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5 Responses to “Feel Free To Contact Me” List?

  1. Michael Drake says:

    I would absolutely benefit from knowing how to get to some of the locations described. So please sign up!

  2. Michael Drake says:

    My name is Michael Drake. I live in Suburban Philadelphia. I come over to NJ quite often – there seem to be many interesting sites within 90 mins of me, especially Warren Grove, Lizard Tail Swamp, Webb’s Mill, Belleplain.

    Where is Lakewood Barrens? That’s an example of a location mentioned on the spreadsheet that I’d be interested in visiting.

    I can be reached at drakee52@gmail.com.

  3. Steven Glynn says:

    Hello Jack. Please feel free to provide my contact information. I’m always looking for butterfly interests and enjoy searching with others.

  4. Jack Miller says:

    Feel free to share my contact information. I live in Petersburg NJ. If anyone wants to join me I would enjoy that. Short notice is fine. I have lots and lots to learn.

  5. Jack Miller says:

    I can be reached at spadefoot53@gmail.com

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