October Compilation

Will Kerling photo’d this orange sulphur, apparently a survivor of Hurricane Sandy on 10-31-12, two days after the storm made landfall.

Superstorm Sandy’s high winds, devastating surf, and extensive damage to dunes, beaches, houses, businesses, parks, and wildlife areas meant October 2012 ended with bad news. Until those last few days, we were having another excellent month.

Observers reported 47 species in October, several on new late dates:

    black swallowtail
    tiger swallowtail (new late date: 10-6)
    spicebush swallowtail

    cabbage white
    clouded sulphur
    orange sulphur
    cloudless sulphur
    little yellow (multiple reports for 5th month)
    sleepy orange

    American copper
    white-m hairstreak
    gray hairstreak
    red-banded hairstreak
    eastern tailed-blue
    summer azure

    American snout
    variegated fritillary
    pearl crescent
    eastern comma
    mourning cloak
    American lady
    painted lady
    red admiral
    common buckeye
    red-spotted purple

    silver-spotted skipper
    long-tailed skipper (93 reports and new late date: 10-24)
    Horace’s duskywing (new late date: 10-24)
    wild indigo duskywing (new late date: 10-25)
    common checkered skipper
    swarthy skipper
    clouded skipper (new late date:10-14)
    least skipper
    fiery skipper
    Peck’s skipper
    tawny-edged skipper (new l.d.: 10-5)
    little glassywing (new l.d.:10-11)
    zabulon skipper
    broad-winged skipper (new l.d.:10-5)
    dun skipper
    Brazilian skipper (app. 4 different individuals)
    saltmarsh skipper
    Ocola skipper

Fresh cloudless sulphur egg photo’d by Will Kerling on 10-26-12.

Our total of 2287 records for the month brought our total for the year to 18,000+, already 5K more than our previous high for a single year (13,400 in 2010) — and we have November and December yet to come.

Thanks to each of who contributed your observations in October, 2012:

Amy Gaberlain
Anita Richmond
Brian Johnson
Chip Krilowicz
Chris Herz
Chris Tonkinson
Clay Sutton
Cynthia Allen
Dave Amadio
Dick Walton
Donna Desjardins
Donna Grygiel
Elle McGee
Evelyn Fowles
Gabe Johnson
Jack Connor
Jackie Parker
Jean Gutsmuth
Jesse Connor
Jim Dowdell
Keith Richmond
Mike Crewe
Mike Fowles
Mike Hannisen
Michael O’ Brien
Pat Sutton
Pat Amadio
Peter Bosak
Rhea Doherty
Sam Galick
Sandra Keller
Shawn Wainwright
Steve Glynn
Tiffany Kersten
Will Kerling

Keep them coming, everyone.

Here’s a significant find that came in a little late to be included in our original compilation of September reports: a sleepy orange found and photo’d by Deni Regensburg in her garden in Ocean View on 9-28-12. This record will be added into the end-of-year compilation.

For the full spreadsheet for October, go to the link below and hit the + sign for easier viewing:

October 2012 Compilation

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