Three NABA Counts Coming Up

Black swallowtail caterpillar on fennel in the rain in Goshen, photo’d by Will Kerling, 6-12-12. (Yes, larvae can be included on your NABA survey.)

Three South Jersey NABA counts will be held in the next few weeks, and Pat Sutton has supplied all the details you need to know to join in:

TO: Past Participants & Newcomers to the South Jersey Butterfly Counts
FROM Count Compilers:

Teresa Knipper – Belleplain, NJ, Count – Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pat Sutton – Cumberland County, NJ, Count – Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Michael O’Brien – Cape May, NJ, Count – Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RE: SOUTH JERSEY Butterfly Counts in their 21st YEAR — 2012 Dates & Details

These counts are sponsored by the North American Butterfly Association (part of the 38th annual 4th of July Butterfly Count).

Hope you can join us again or for the first time. There is different contact information for each count, so read the following information carefully. For any of these counts, be sure to tell the compiler if you are comfortable with a territory of your own (i.e., you can identify most butterflies that you see) or if you wish to be teamed with someone who has greater knowledge and/or experience. GARDEN WATCHERS are very welcome to participate in these counts. If your garden (or a friend’s) is included in one of the count circles, be sure to interact with the count compiler and tally butterflies in the garden on count day! Compilers appreciate hearing from counters well in advance, so coverage can be carefully planned.


___ Tues., June 19, 2012: Belleplain, NJ, Butterfly Count

This count has tallied between 38-52 species. Center = 2 miles sw of the town of Belleplain or 1/2 mile west of junction of Routes 347 and 679 (Mosslander Road). Count circle is partly in Cape May County and partly in Cumberland County and includes: CMBO’s Center in Goshen, Jakes Landing, Dennisville, Woodbine, Belleplain State Forest, western end of Tuckahoe River along Weatherby Road, abandoned cranberry bogs, s. corner of Peaslee WMA, e. corner of Bevan WMA, Port Elizabeth, Delaware Bay salt marshes between Dennis Creek and Bivalve/Port Norris, and the Maurice River from East Point to Laurel Lake. A spread sheet is attached for this count, showing its 20-year history.

There will be a compilation get together (with dinner provided) at Teresa Knipper’s home in Cape May following the count on Tuesday evening, beginning @ 5:30-6:00 p.m.

Contact Teresa Knipper (count coordinator)

E-mail at PhoebistessATaolDOTcom

___ Wed., June 20, 2012: Cumberland Co., NJ, Butterfly Count

This count has tallied between 31-51 species. Center = Cedarville, NJ. Count circle includes extensive salt marshes along the Delaware Bay from Hansey Creek and Dividing Creek/Maple Avenue/Turkey Point west to Sea Breeze, Bear Swamp, Natural Lands Trust fields, Bevan WMA, Union Lake WMA and western Millville, Newport Landing, Nantuxent WMA, Dix WMA, and Cohansey River from near Greenwich to Bridgeton. A spread sheet is attached for this count, showing its 20-year history.

There will be a compilation get together (with dinner provided) around 6:30 p.m. at Pat & Clay Sutton’s home in Goshen with Pizza, salad, and good company following the count on Wednesday evening.

Contact Pat Sutton (count coordinator)

via e-mail at patclaysuttonATcomcastDOTnet.

___ Tues., July 24, 2012: Cape May, NJ, Butterfly Count

This count normally tallies between @ 39-48 species. Center = Rio Grande, NJ. Count circle includes: Cape May Point, Higbee Beach WMA, Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge, Cape Island Creek Preserve, Villas WMA, Cape May NWR fields along Delaware Bayshore, beachfront communities on Delaware Bay north to Reeds Beach, Delaware Bay and Atlantic Coast saltmarsh upland edge, electric power right-of-ways, many weedy roadsides, and private backyard habitat gardens.

Contact Michael O’Brien (count coordinator)

Email at tsweetATcomcastDOTnet.

Coral hairstreaks mating on milkweed, photo’d by Dave Amadio at Riverwinds in West Deptford, 6-10-12. This seems a species we can hope to find on all three counts coming up, especially the first two next week.



(1) All are WELCOME! Share this with a friend.

(2) WHAT TO BRING: binoculars, Glassberg’s field guide Butterflies Through Binoculars: The East (excellent photos & range maps) and/or Brock & Kaufman’s Kaufman Focus Guide: Butterflies of North America, lunch, lots of liquids & snacks, bug spray, sunscreen, visor/hat, long-sleeve shirt (since mosquitoes, biting flies, biting gnats, and ticks can all be problematic in South Jersey), wear sensible clothes for tromping through wildflower meadows, & consider wearing cheap “tube socks” that you’ll toss at day’s end. Come with a full tank of gas (especially for the Cumberland Count as there are very few gas stations in parts of that count circle)! If you own a copy, also bring Butterflies of the East Coast, an Observer’s Guide, by Rick Cech and Guy Tudor (Princeton University Press, 2005); it’s a great reference for habitat, host plant, id, range, etc.

(3) A $ 3 NABA fee will be collected from each participant (including Garden Watchers). If you would like a copy of the 2012 NABA Count Report, including 500+ counts done all over the USA, Canada, & some in Mexico (due out spring 2013), bring an additional $7 if you are a NABA member ($11 for nonmembers). Please have exact change.

(4) If you know folks with butterfly-friendly gardens in one of the count circles, why not call them now and get permission to cover their garden the day of the count . . . or maybe they’d like to cover it for the count. “GARDEN WATCHER (GW)” are very welcome to participate in these counts. If you’re new to the count and not sure if your garden or another butterfly-friendly garden you know is in one of the count circles, contact the respective compiler NOW to find out.

(5) If you plan to attend the two back-to-back counts (June 19-20), reasonable accommodations are available in the Millville/Vineland area in Cumberland County (Country Inn Millville, Best Western Millville, Red Carpet Inn Millville) and at the Hyland Motor Inn in Cape May County (38 E. Mechanic St., Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 – right next to the Garden State Parkway and just south of Exit 10 / Stone Harbor-Cape May Court House Exit; 609-465-7305 or 609-465-5748; ).

Let’s hope for GREAT BUTTERFLY WEATHER!!! See you in June & July!

Teresa, Pat, and Michael

Dotted skipper on pine barren sandwort at Colliers Mills WMA, photo’d by Jim Springer, 6-10-12. Can any of our NABA counts find this challenging species?

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