Field Trip Upcoming: Warren Grove 5-7-11

Cobweb skipper, Hesperia metea, Warren Grove, May 2009

The North Jersey Butterfly Club has invited us to join them on their field trip to Warren Grove on Saturday, May 7.

Meet at Lucille’s Diner on Route 539 in Warren Grove [DeLorme 57: M-24] at 9:30 a.m. (earlier for those who want to eat breakfast there.) Hoped for butterflies include hoary elfin, pine elfin, brown elfin, Hessel’s hairstreak, sleepy duskywing, and cobweb skipper. Leader: Jim Springer.

Bring liquids, lunch, and insect repellent. This has been an excellent trip in past years — with a group of experienced, friendly butterflyers from that far-off land north of Ocean County.

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