Welcome to the second volume of “Recovering 19th-Century American Women Writers.” This site represents the work of students in the Senior Seminar in Literary Recovery taught by Dr. Deborah Gussman at Stockton University, Fall 2019. Over the course of the semester, each student has worked on recovering and introducing an unknown or little-known text by a 19th-century American woman writer or contributing to the discussion and dialogue about a text that has been recently recovered by other scholars. They have created the pages on those writers/texts for this virtual exhibition, which provides a snapshot of their larger seminar projects. The page creators are listed with the names of their authors and texts below:

Gabriella Bancheri: Mary Noailles Murfree’s, The Mystery of Witch-Face Mountain and Other Stories

Kelly Burns: Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s In This Our World

Sviatlana Buslovich: Julia C. Collins’ The Curse of Caste

Na’Mira Crosby: Eliza Potter’s, A Hairdresser’s Experience in Highlife 

Brianna Davin: Clara F(lorida) Guernsey’s The Merman and the Figure-Head

Kelsey Eugenio: Mrs. N. F. Mossell’s, The Work of the Afro-American Woman

Gillian Gaskill: Julia Ward Howe’s The Hermaphrodite

Sarah Holt: Sarah Orne Jewett’s “Martha’s Lady”

Marissa Luca: Ann(a) Hoyt’s “The Ghost of Little Jacques” and “Was it Insanity?”

Jessica Lyon: Anne Walter Maylin’s Here a Little, There a Little

Cristina Marcotrigiano: Sarah T. Bolton’s The Life and Poems of Sarah T. Bolton

Marisa Mast: Jean Webster’s Daddy Long-Legs

Victoria McManimon: Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s, Married or Single?

Alexa McTernan: Julia Schayer’s Tiger Lily: and Other Stories

Erica Naranjo: Alice French’s “My Lorelai”

Michelle Servellon: S. Alice Callahan’s Wynema: A Child of the Forest

Eryn Swineford: Metta Victoria Fuller Victor’s, The Dead Letter 

Maureen Zuccato: Kate M. Farlow’s Silent Life and Silent Language

Senior Seminar in Literature, Fall 2019, Stockton University