July 2012 Compilation: A Pierid Festival

Can you name the butterfly species in this beautiful photo by Harvey Tomlinson from 7-21-12 at Bunker Pond, Cape May Point State Park? Answer below.

Thirty-four observers contributed a truly remarkable total of 3210 reports, the most we have ever had in one month by more than a thousand. (The previous record seems to be July 2011, when we totaled 2100 reports.)

We added three new species for the year and totaled 67 species for the month (two more than the 65 of July 2011).

FOYs for July

Three species were new for the year and one of them (checkered white) new for our five years of logging:

dion skipper, 7-5-12
checkered white, 7-25-12
meadow fritillary, 7-27-12

As of 7-31-12, we have recorded 86 species for the year, very close to the total we had last year at this time, when we found our 86th species, hoary-edged skipper, on 8-3-11.

Our species list for July 2012:

    pipevine swallowtail
    black swallowtail
    eastern tiger swallowtail
    spicebush swallowtail

    checkered white
    cabbage white
    clouded sulphur
    orange sulphur
    cloudless sulphur
    little yellow

    American copper
    coral hairstreak
    Edward’s hairstreak
    banded hairstreak
    striped hairstreak
    juniper hairstreak
    white m hairstreak
    gray hairstreak
    red-banded hairstreak
    eastern tailed-blue
    summer azure

    American snout
    variegated fritillary
    meadow fritillary
    pearl crescent
    question mark
    eastern comma
    mourning cloak
    American lady
    painted lady
    red admiral
    common buckeye
    red-spotted purple
    hackberry emperor
    tawny emperor
    Appalachian brown
    Georgia satyr
    little wood satyr
    common wood-nymph

    silver-spotted skipper
    southern cloudywing
    northern cloudywing
    Hayhurst’s scallopwing
    Horace’s duskywing
    wild indigo duskywing
    common checkered-skipper
    common sootywing
    swarthy skipper
    least skipper
    fiery skipper
    Peck’s skipper
    tawny-edged skipper
    crossline skipper
    northern broken-dash
    little glassywing
    Delaware skipper
    rare skipper
    mulberry wing
    zabulon skipper
    Aaron’s skipper
    broad-winged skipper
    dion skipper
    dun skipper
    salt marsh skipper

The stars of the show of the month were the Pierids. Checkered whites made Salem County the place to be in the last week of July and the flight may now continue into August (see earlier posts — below — for details).

And meanwhile, little yellows are giving us the best flight in years, at least in Cumberland and Cape May Counties. Let’s hope it continues into fall and pushes north as well.

A little yellow photo’d by Will Kerling 7-29-12, Cape May Co.

Contributors in July 2012:

Cynthia Allen, Wendy Allen, Dave Amadio, Jesse Connor, Jack Connor, Mike Crewe, Joe Demko, Rhea Doherty, Deb Dowdell, Jim Dowdell, Kathy Flynn, Amy Gaberlein, Sam Galick, Jean Gutsmuth, Chris Herz, Brian Johnson, Sandra Keller, Will Kerling, Tiffany Kersten, Tony Klock, Chip Krilowicz, Tony Leukering, Mary Mizener, Michael O’Brien, Brendan O’Connor, Bridget O’Connor, Mike Russell, Bill Schuhl, Edie Schuhl, Clay Sutton, Pat Sutton, Harvey Tomlinson, Chris Tonkinson, and David Wright.

Thanks to each of you.

The full compilation in pdf form is here. Hit the plus sign for easier viewing.

Keep exploring and reporting!

…Oh, Yeah, the Puzzle Answer

The butterfly in Harvey T’s photo is a cabbage white, believe it or not. Will Kerling identified it, David Wright confirmed that ID and noted, “The variation that shows up in Cape May is not that frequent. It [also] appears in the imported population in Hawaii.” He passed along the photo to Art Shapiro at UC Davis, “one of the world’s experts on pierids. He called it a very white summer phenotype male P. rapae.”

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