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Storytelling Web – Animoto

This week, I am going to introduce a storytelling tool, Animoto. Animoto is a video making website allowing users to create their stories using photos, videos, and music. It is easy to use that you can either upload personal pictures or insert them from online databases. To start creating a new project, Animoto provides users with different templates for various purposes, for example, birthday slideshow, event recap, and product portfolio. It is user-friendly that some guidelines and icons help you to learn to use this tool within a few minutes. You can easily add pictures and video clips by dragging to the upload area. There are numerous colors and font styles to choose from. You can also use filters to make the videos look more artistic and professional. Animoto does not only allow users to add background music but also allow them to trim song that perfectly fit with the content and story length. Once you finished making your videos, you can share it with YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

A short video on how to create a video with Animoto.

I have made my Animoto video about my hobby, doing calligraphy. In my video, I introduced the use of calligraphy, the reasons I like doing calligraphy, and shared some personal experiences. A special thing about my video is that I tried to connect my hobby with happiness. I want to share this with people as a way to know more about me. Doing calligraphy implies my attitudes and goals that I want my friends and potential collaborative partners to know. I pay all my attention when doing calligraphy, which is also my attitude when working on different tasks. I always try my best and want the outcomes to be as well as it can be. Work-life balance is also one of the goals that I care about my mental state and emotions. To me, doing calligraphy is stress reliving that allows me to take a step back from what I am working on and relax. I am not forcing people around me to do calligraphy with me, but I want them to find at least one thing to help them relax.

My Animoto video about doing calligraphy.

Overall, I like using Animoto and highly recommend this storytelling web to all of you. It is easy to use with a lot of features provided. It is an all-in-one tool that I can edit and trim with the same tool. It took me no more than 30 minutes to make a video. You have the choice to make the video informative, interesting, and attractive. If you are searching for a tool for your project, try Animoto!

Have you used Animoto before? What are your experiences using any storytelling tools?

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