Typical Activities of Global Educators

There are many different types of activities that are used by global educators. The following are typical things that they do, often on a daily basis:

*Maintain a class blog and invite comments

*Write a personal blog and share via Twitter

*Skype with partner classrooms to support inquiry and literacy

*Interact with PLC’s

*Link educators and projects together

*Work in a paper-free environment

Global educators can use all these different types of activities listed here to bring people together into education more and show them different ways to communicate with other educators and tools to use to chat, video, create projects, and more.

Research shows that another few activities for global educators was found in this website link below:

1-Globalize existing lessons.

2- Celebrate a new holiday or tradition.

3- Read your way around the world.

4- Collaborate- Connect- Communicate with classes around the world.

The Global Educator Book by Julie Lindsay, page 44

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