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23 Frames

The Richard Cook Collection includes 23 framed displays of various Indigenous artifacts, each artifact meticulously positioned to form a pattern. The creation of patterned artifact displays was common practice for collectors in the early-mid 20th century. 

Frame No. 22, Richard Cook Collection; Photo by B. Hornbeck

Today, the RCC Project team is meticulously documenting the position of each artifact within the framed displays. The frames will need to be disassembled to prepare the cultural materials for curation and long-term preservation.

Side-by-side sketch and photo of Frame No. 6, Richard Cook Collection; Sketch by I. Beste, Photo by B. Hornbeck

Here is a quick break-down of the process: Each of the frames are photographed and hand-sketched. Any identifying numbers or other secondary markings on the individual artifacts are labeled respectively on the sketches. Each artifact is removed from it’s wire-tie bracket and immediately placed within it’s own 4-mil polyethylene zip. Sketches will be digitized and deposited with the collections archived data.

Frame No. 6 being disassembled, Richard Cook Collection; Left: I. Beste, Middle: J. Parr; Photo by B. Hornbeck
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