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It is no surprise that Netflix has become one of the most popular entertainment provider and streamer. It has been able to reach a mass amount of people and has made a respectable name for itself in the entertainment industry. That being said, one of the greatest parts of Netflix is the opportunity and availability to view films or television shows in other languages.

This has opened a new whelm of possibilities for global connections and understanding. Although these films and tv shows are made for entertainment, they can also be used on an educational level. Most of these titles are produced in different countries, taking on the tone of the country, easily expressing the cultures and way of life. Not only this but the production of these various films or tv shows are so authentic that the viewer is able to witness different dialects unique to the location. That being said, it is clear that in the educational perspective, the possibilities are endless. 

I took to Netflix to see the available choices in which to analyze. Given my interest in history and entertainment, I choose the TV show by the name of Celia. A show which showcases the life of real-life Singer Celia Cruz, a young black singer in 1950s Cuba.

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The show and its setting were extremely interesting to witness, I have always wondered what Cuba was like, especially in that time period given that it was around the time of the Cuban revolution and the time of Fidel Castro. The show allowed me to see the types of people in the time period and the culture in which they lived. This includes ways of speaking, dialect, types of clothing, and even the infrastructure in which they lived, including buildings, housing, and scenery.

Although, it was a different time in history, the culture was still different in comparison to American culture. People spoke in a different matter and the day to to day life varied greatly. One of the most interesting things I witnessed was the leisure time available to the people of Cuba. (Then again this is entertainment so it may be skewed). On the other hand, the way of travel was similar to Americans, with the use of train and cars, and in comparison to the time frame, it seems similar my our culture here in America. 

Moreover, the scenery of the setting was also a great thing to view. Cuba is a country situated in the Caribbean, south of The United States. It is a tropical region so most of what is seen in the show tend to give off tropical vibes, including things such as beaches, high amount of sunlight and even characters who wore light clothing, compared to heavy clothing worn in some places in America. The scenery is just a small part of what makes the series beneficial, considering that the time period in which it is set in a lot of political issues are brought up as well. Fidel Castro had a huge effect on the lives of citizens of Cuba and this is most likely to be seen in the following episodes and seasons. 

In conclusion, The Tv Show which is available on Netflix opens the door to a new world, one that has connections that are similar, but yet very different in many ways. It may be enlightening to see something like this in order to grasp the reality of the different cultures and experiences around the world. It will provide a greater perspective on global learning and global education. 

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