Out of Eden Walk

Out of Eden Walk,

I was recently able to explore a new subject regarding a completely global topic. On that explores and highlights the globe in fascinating ways. The out of Eden Walk is transnational experience by Paul Salopek, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a partner of National Geographic. In this experience, Salopek is traveling the route of our ancestors who migrated out of Africa and the across the globe. His journey will take years to complete and he will have walked 21,000 miles beginning in Ethiopia, our revolutionary “Eden” and his journey will end at the tip of South America. moreover , Salopek’s journey by foot will allow him to witness the many cultures along the way and by the end of his trio will be able to piece together a global mosaic of stories, faces, sounds, and sights.

  • Read more about Paul Salopek and the project HERE.

With that being said, I feel it is important to acknowledge the importance of this trip in regards to global education and also acknowledge is usefulness in the classroom. Salopek’s trip mirrors all that is “Global Education”. This journalist in exploring the world, documenting it and also expressing in for others to witness. This type of information can be further be used in the classroom and can have exceptional results. Moreover, in reference to the study of history, this project can provide topics of study, questions and even spur research.

Today I would like to explore Paul Salopek’s journey and express my ideas and my inferences on the topic and hopefully provide tips on how it can be implemented in the classroom as well. I will touch on three milestones on the journey each milestone is made every 100 miles Salopek’s travels, in attempts to highlight his travels and what he witnesses.

Lets begin:


Milestone 5: The Red Sea

Day 107 – Mile 400 – Elevation 0


On day 107 Salopek’s travels on ship on the Red Sea, he is aboard the MV Abuyasser II traveling upstream towards the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Like all Milestones, Salopek’s post pictures, videos and even the exact coordinates where he is located. Students are able to see where the traveler was during that point in his travels and this track where he is going next. This specific milestone provides a picture of the ship, a video of the ship in route expressing the conditions he is witnessing (The winds and weather ) and also the milestone provides a picture of an encounter he made while on the ship. Moreover this trip was part of Salopek’s first Chapter entitled “Out of Africa”


Check out the specific milestone HERE.


Check out this amazing Picture and Video:




Milestone 15: Shoreline

Day 293 – Mile -1400 – Elevation 3


On day 293, Salopek touched on his 15th milestone. This milestone was part of his second chapter titled “Holy Lands”. The chapter itself focuses on the lands which are considered holy in the world and this specific milestone was on the Pilgrim Trail from Cairo to Mecca. Like always this milestone includes graphics such as pictures and videos so others able to witness the travelers and feel that much closer to the going ons on the trip. Moreover this specific milestone also contains a link titled “ Spotlight” which contains real conversation and a dialog via online media sites such as twitter: These spotlights  touch on the regional politics, the international news, sports, religion and even the beauty of the nature.

The spotlight location is a great piece of the journey to touch on in classroom. To see exactly what other people are talking about, the topics, the policies and the issues are able to create a connection between the nations an hopefully the globe. Classrooms can see these tweets and posts and discuss how alike or different they may be to American social media.


Check our the spotlight for this milestone HERE.


Check out this amazing Picture and Video:




Milestone 25: Flocks

Day 636 – Mile 2400 – Elevation 3652  


On day 636 , Salopek beings his 25th milestone, at this point his is nearly 2 years into his decade long journey and he has traveled 2,400 miles. On this milestone he witnesses and touches on the flocks near Karacadag, Turkey. By flocks, Salopek means the pastoral people of this area, He even takes a video of a person, presumably from that area directing his herd. This Milestone is like the rest, considering that contains pictures, videos, coordinates and the spotlight section. moreover , the milestone also contains a comment section, where anyone can comment on the milestone and share their ideas. This is a great way to include a classroom, so that they can be part of the journey as well.

Furthermore, this particular milestone opens up the idea of culture. The pictures and videos show a different world that is common to students in the states and it should be celebrated. Students in any classroom in the world can see this milestone and witness something new.  


Check out this milestone HERE.


Check out this amazing Picture and Video:



These milestones are but a small part of a much bigger journey, a journey that is still in the process, currently Salopek is traveling through India embarking in new adventures and preparing to post much more information for the rest of the world to see. This is true global education and it can be utilized in the all our classrooms, especially social studies.


Luckily the website provides helpful ideas and resources for teachers to implement in the classroom, these tools are great but as educators we can make even more and continue to share them.


Check out the resources HERE.


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