Digital Storytelling and Storyboardthat

Technology is among each and every one of those and it can be argued that it is around younger people even more. This is the way of the times and as educators, we should come to realize that there is no fighting technology so we need to use it to the best of our abilities.


That being said there is a countless amount of things to do with the use of technology and the opportunities for learning are endless.


For instance, Digital Storytelling is a great way to introduce technology into the classroom while still including senses such as, visual and auditory. With a digital story, teachers and students can express a story in any way they see fit; these digital stories can include pictures, videos, and even vocals to add emphasis and importance.


There are many different sites that can be used for this activity but my personal favorite is the website called Storyboardthat. This website is a digital storytelling tool that presents the stories in a comic book fashion. The user is able to pick scenes, characters, props and so much more within the easy to use interface. This website even allows the user to manipulate the gestures or posture of the characters within each scene and even enlarge or minimize the available props.


With this specific tool, educators are able to introduce technology into the classroom in a fun and lively way. They are able to add text and with the paid versions they can pick from many different comic lengths.


Take a look at a story I made, recalling my 6th birthday,



As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this program and not only can an educator use it to prosper a message, it can be used directly by the students themselves so they can learn the functions of a technological tool and express themselves at the same time.


I would recommend this site to all current and future educators so that they may bring a different perspective into their classroom and promote learning through digital technology.


Moreover, take a look at this video for my ideas,



Make an account on Storyboardthat HERE,


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