Our blog assignment for this week is to blog about any topic we have covered so far. Due to the current world climate, and our education system turning upside down because of quarantine and social distancing, I think talking about the uses of Quizlet would be a fitting topic. 

Quizlet is an online site that allows students and teachers to create their own study materials, practice tests, and quizzes all online! 

Students can create their own flashcards and study guides by entering terms and their definitions into a study set creator on Quizlet. 
Teachers can create tests and quizzes for their students to monitor progress and accurately asses their students. 
Teachers also have the option within Quizlet to add more to their study materials. Teachers can create audio files, upload images and diagrams, and use custom highlight and text to really upgrade regular study materials. 

Personally, I use Quizlet often to prepare myself for assignments and I find creating and taking quizzes as a prep tactic to study is very beneficial. Not only do you learn by using the flashcards and study sets, creating quizzes and writing the questions I find really helps me retain the material. 

This is a Youtube video of a Quizlet Live Webinar. The video itself is quite long but the moderators really get into some more fun things that Quizlet can bring to the learning experience!

I can’t wait to use Quizlet in my classrooms in the future.

2 thoughts on “Quizlet

  1. Sidney says:

    Hello Devyn! I was just reading your blog and I have to say I love the set up you have, it looks really cool. Your post about Quizlet I think is great. I use the website a lot too when preparing for a test or exam. You said you use the flashcards and study sets, I find these to be extremely helpful too! It is a great tool for teachers to make study guides for their students!

  2. Jasmine says:

    Hey Devyn, I would like to start off by saying your blog layout and design is amazing. I think your post about quilt is very helpful and informative. I also use quizlet and I have just learned from your blog that audio files and images are able to be uploaded. Thank you for the great blog post!

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