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WGSS Capstone-Portfolio

WGSS 4800: WGSS Capstone-Portfolio

WGSS 4800 Capstone-Portfolio course (1 cr.) is the final minor requirement and should be completed after all other minor coursework has been finished. Students may, however, complete the capstone-portfolio project while enrolled in their final WGSS courses.

Students enrolled in WGSS 4800 will complete a two-part portfolio project. Part I consists of a three-question essay that provides students the opportunity to illustrate their knowledge of key WGSS concepts as well as their mastery of skills such as critical thinking, self-reflection, and writing. The essay allows for direct assessment of student learning and provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their experiences with the WGSS program. Part II requires completion of a pre- and post- quantitative survey geared to indicate changes in students’ attitudes and perceived efficacy. This part of the capstone-portfolio allows students to assess their own progress in transformative thinking and serves as indirect assessment of learning.


To receive credit for the WGSS Capstone-Portfolio, students must complete the following:

WGSS Survey Pre-Test Weeks 1-2 of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
WGSS Survey Pre-Test Weeks 1-2 of Feminist Theory
Capstone-Portfolio Essay Week 10 of the semester enrolled
WGSS Survey Post-Test Week 13 of the semester enrolled

Students who wish to enroll in WGSS 4800 must contact and obtain permission (POI) from the current instructor of the course. For Spring and Fall 2020, the instructor is  Prof. Deeanna Button .

WGSS Capstone-Portfolio Essay Rubric (printable form)