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WGSS Careers

WGSS Career Opportunities

Career preparation for jobs in management, marketing, counseling, teaching, journalism, social work, banking, nursing, health services and government will be enhanced by a women’s, gender and sexuality studies background because knowledge of special concerns of women and knowledge of gender and sexuality issues will produce more effective performance in these careers.

Experience in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies also provides preparation for employment opportunities such as women’s educational, legal and political projects; work with women’s health collectives, social services and hotlines; women’s career and credit counseling and work with small businesses owned by women.

For more information, consult the following sources:

Feminist Majority Foundation Jobs Board: http://jobs.feminist.org/

National Women’s Studies Association: https://nwsa.org/networking/opening_search.asp

Stockton’s Career Center: https://stockton.edu/career-center/

Career-related Links (aka “What can I do with a WGSS degree?”): https://whatcanidowiththismajor.com/major/womens-studies/

USAJobs “USAJOBS is the official job site of the US Federal Government”: http://www.usajobs.gov/