A Few recent online stories

Here’s a few recently published stories to give you a sense of what I’ve been up to. ( I’m very thankful to all the journals that have published my work.)

A short story about a pear, or two: “Just to Say,” Vestal, September, 2019. It went on to be included in Best MicroFiction 2020.

A short story about teaching and climate change: “We Are Here,” Breakwater Review, July, 2019

A longer speculative fiction story with a troll: Everything Merges with the Night,” Speculative City, May 2019

A nihilist meditation story: “Pigeon,” Hawaii Pacific Review, April 2019

 A subliminal story about love and music: “Last Sympathy,” Mud Season Review, January, 2019

 A short story about a man versus a dog: “Ava,” The Tiny Journal, January 2019

A story about two men who find each other in the early 20th century:  “Call Us What You Like,” The Coil,Spring 2018

 A story of a woman and her manifestations: “Portraits of a Woman,” Ilanot Review, February 2018

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