GAH 2669 Spring 2015. Cultural production and stardom in Latin America: student group projects.

In this first-year-appropriate-course students were asked to study the social, political and cultural context in which the “star” emerged. Selected projects are on the Mexican actor Gael García Bernal and the Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi:


Gael García Bernal final project view here: /


LACS graduates, Class of 2013, published: Justin Loza, POLS and José Rafael Gutiérrez, HIST



In his final semester at Stockton, Justin Loza, class of 2013, POLS major and LACS minor, was an intern at COHA, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, in Washington, DC.

Currently an Office Manager at COHA, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Justin sent us the article published in the Washington Report on the Hemisphere, Vol. 33, No 6, pp. 1 – 3.
Article authors: COHA Senior Research Fellow Ronn Pineo and Research Associate Justin Loza. Published on April 29, 2013.

You can read the article here:

WRH 33 No. 06 FINAL

As we celebrate our student success we thank COHA for allowing us to publish the essay.

Author: Justin Loza, RSCNJ, class of 2013, LACS student


José Rafael Gutiérrez, RSCNJ, class of 2013, LACS Capstone thesis:

“Slavery in the Spanish Empire: Caribbean Historiography Revisited”

Published in Stockton Innovations: Journal for Undergraduate Research.

Thesis Advisor: Gorica Majstorovic, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Coordinator


Paola Celis, class of 2013, LACS Capstone thesis:

“El conflicto armado en Colombia”


David Criales, class of 2012, currently works as a Spanish Teacher at the South Jersey Institute of Technology.

In 2011-2012 David Criales and Paola Celis worked on a translation project for the Association of Caribbean Historians