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Making A Change

As a future educator, my one goal is to make change. Whether this change is on a small scale and focuses on individual students or it is on a large scale and works on education reform, I just want to have an impact. I feel that most new teachers go into their job with this mindset as well but it end up losing their drive. I plan on ensuring I keep this goal through persistence and dedication. An example of a teacher with this mindset was spelled out in The Global Educator by Julie Lindsey where a teacher named Sonya explains how she plans to make a difference in the current generation of children. This way, she can stride to work with this new generation to change the policies and laws that effect our daily lives. An example of this happening currently is a walk-out that is being planned by organizers to protest the current gun-control laws. After the various mass shootings that have taken place in schools over the past year, this protest is being designed to get law makers attention. The protest is encouraging teachers, students and parents to walk out of school for 17 minutes to honor the 17 victims of the most recent school shooting. This is being called the National School Walkout and is going to take place on March 14th, 2018. More can be read about the event here.

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A time to learn.

Another teacher mentioned in the book who wants to make a difference and effect change is Kate of the United States. She wants to focus on making education more inclusive and equitable. She wants to focus on how the current system is unfair to those who live in poverty. If you are interested in this topic a great article to read can be found here. This article was shared by a classmate of mine on Twitter. The article discusses closing the achievement gap in schools. My favorite part about this article was hearing about the difference of the people who analyze this gap versus those who experience it. It is hard to understand every situation unless you experience yourself. This is why the power of listening to other peoples opinions is extremely important because we all have different backgrounds and different knowledge.

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A time for change.

The textbook goes on to give many examples of global educators from all over the world that want to make change. From the USA, to Iran, to Brazil, each educator wants to make a change for the better. Although we all may focus on different aspects of change, we can all make the education system, and the world, better through progressive action.