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Animatron: A Review

After multiple frustrating hours of trying out the storytelling website, animatron, I came up with my final product of the story of my duck Oakley. The website itself can be found by clicking on this link. My intentions for trying this website out were to see how easy it could be to tell a story online through using a website designed for that specific task. However, I found that this particular website was a money trap. After spending hours trying to work with the extremely slow software and feeling fatigued, when I went to finally publish my work I found out that I could only publish up to two minutes of footage and there would be a watermark throughout my video as you will see when you click on the link provided above. Additionally, unless I bought the actual software, the quality of my video would be the worst possible. I believe that this website was a trap to get people to work hard on their projects and then feel that they had to buy the software to get the most out of their work.

My Duck Oakley

In a positive light, it was easy to upload my own pictures and videos on to the site and implement them into my final project. However, editing this uploaded media after the fact proved to be a slight problem as well. There were not many options for where I could place the text of my story. Therefore my story about my duck Oakley, went from looking like a narrative to a children’s book. I found that I could not include much information in each slide because it would fill up the frame rather fast. Perhaps if I was to explore the website a little more I would have found other ways to go about this problem but my intentions for this project were to find an easy way of story telling. I would not consider this easy in any way, shape or form.

Image result for story telling

Overall, even though the quality and length of my story disappointed me, I was still able to share my story and post it to Youtube rather easily. Therefore, my work was shared which was the ultimate goal of this project. I feel that I was able to portray the story of my duck well through this application even though I was limited to word use. I think that if someone read this story, they would enjoy it because it was short and sweet even though that was not my original intention. I recommend finding another site to build your story on unless you are willing to pay for the service!