Embracing Teacher Preneurship.

While reading The Global Educator, which is written and constructed renowned educator Julie, Lindsay, I can not help but acknowledge the many terms and new ideas that emerge on every page. That being said, in part two of the book, which is entitled “Leadership for Global Education”, a very interesting term appears and is called “Teacherpreneur” a mixture of, yea you guessed it, “Teacher” and “Entrepreneur”. At first, I was slightly mind boggled by the name and found it extremely interesting to connect those two concepts together in order to create a new type of profession or job or title. I decided to look into the term and hopefully understand it better and discover ways to incorporate the ideology into my own life, so I will be expressing this term today and hopefully find some ways to spread its use in the life of all educators.


For starters, The Global Educator defines Teacherpreneur as follows:


Teacherprenuer: a leader who “takes all the best practices in education and the latest advances in technology and uses them to blaze new trails in teaching and learning that focus on connection and collaboration.


This definition opens up new perspectives for current and pursuing educators, it gives the idea that teaching is no longer just standing in front of a classroom, it is composed of much more. Teacherpreneurs contain some of the following qualities:


  • A Champion for change and realizer of the vision
  • Able to introduce new methods of publication and sharing
  • Adept at building and facilitating communities
  • A researcher
  • Innovates from within
  • Able to work within and beyond the school culture
  • Takes on the roles of manager, director, mentor, and guide as needed.
  • Among many more.


It is clear, through these qualities, that becoming a Teacherpreneur is easily attainable. The Global Educator also states that:


“The first step toward being a Teacherpreneur is to be a connected and collaborative educator and education leader using online technologies. The next steps include learning curriculum reform, leading online and offline discussions. Leading new approaches to professional learning, and working to connect students and teachers with the world for meaningful learning. It is “leading by example” method, not a “do as I say” leadership approach, that ensures success”


Applying these steps to your career and modifying the forms in which you interact with your students, school, and even your local and global atmosphere will grant you the title as a Teacherpreneur.


As an educator myself, I will study this subject more and vow to try harder in my career and go above and beyond to make a difference in my classroom and maybe even around the world.


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