Using Google Draw in The Classroom

Google does not seem to stop providing great tools for the classroom, and one that is underappreciated is Google Draw and its benefits in the classroom.

For starters, this application is free to download and use, much like other Google applications commonly used in educations, including google docs, sheets and so much more.

This app application allows a teacher endless possibilities when it comes to assignments online and opens the doors to endless examples of creativity for students, some examples of assignments or usages of Google draw, which are further explained in the video below:

  1. Graphic Organizers
  2. Provide Interactive Worksheets
  3. Make Infographics
  4. Explains Complex Concepts
  5. Labeling of Images
  6. Show Visuals And Diagrams
  7. Produce and show Timelines


Moreover, the application can be used in the same way current assignments are given in google classroom. As an educator, you can link an interactive assignment for your students (No matter the subject) and your students can complete the assignment completely paperless online.

Below is a fellow PLN from Twitter giving an example of his usage of the App.

It is clear to see that this application can be implemented into the classroom, alongside other online apps that have been found to be useful, The applications are beneficial in all subject areas and because of interactive nature, it can be used in substitute of paper for a greener classroom.

I recommend in the classroom, no matter the age or the subject area because of its, many benefits, but for those of you who are still unsure of how to use the application, attaches below is a lesson plan that may assist you in your next lesson.


Google Drawing and Writing | Common Sense Education


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