Monthly Archives: July 2015

PHOTOS: National Moth Night at Stockton University

Nature enthusiasts and members of the community gathered at a back light with Stockton’s resident entomologist, Dr. Jamie Cromartie, to explore nighttime nature during National Moth Week.

Stockton University Begins Thinning Phase of its Forest Management Plan

A healthier forest with less chance of catastrophic fire over time is an aspect Stockton researchers will study as the second phase of the Stockton Forest Management Plan begins.

A cut-to-length tree harvester, operated by Colin McLaughlin of Advanced Forestry Solutions based in Pittsgrove, NJ, cut down selected trees in the woods off Vera King Farris Drive on June 30. Trees are being removed from Stockton’s woods over the coming weeks under the university’s Forest Management Plan, which is the state’s first comprehensive stewardship plan on public land within the region.

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