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Stockton University Begins Active Management of Campus Woods to Sustain Healthy Pinelands Forest

Stockton University began active management of its more than 1,500-acre forest today to protect and restore its Pinelands forest ecosystem from threats such as the encroaching Southern pine beetle and to cultivate a future of enhanced education, recreation and healthy habitat for wildlife.

Fire was returned to the forest system during a prescribed burn conducted by the New Jersey Forest Fire Service along Delaware Avenue. Another burn weather-permitting will take place next week along Duerer Street. Years of fire suppression resulting in dense turf on the forest floor has prevented pine seedlings from sprouting and beginning a new generation of trees, Stockton’s Forest Plan explained.

The university’s stewardship plan is the state’s first comprehensive forest management plan on public land within the Pinelands region and was developed by Robert Williams, of Pine Creek Forestry, a certified forester with 40 years of experience who was hired by the university as a consultant. The Pinelands Commission approved the 10-year plan.


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Ospreys Are On Their Way Back

Ospreys return to New Jersey this month. According to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey’s blog, “In New Jersey, ospreys arrive on breeding grounds in late March, usually to the same nests each year, meaning they have a high level of site fidelity. Older more experienced birds arrive first, especially males. Ospreys mate for life and are monogamous. Pairs begin courtship and nest building in early April.”


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