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PHOTOS: #StocktonBiodiversity

Since the @StocktonBiodiversity Instagram account was launched in September, many images have been tagged with #StocktonBiodiversity. Here are a few.

Keep tagging!

-Susan Allen


Thank You Stockton Biodiversity Volunteers!

The Stockton community shares its Pinelands campus with a unique variety of flora and fauna. Wild orchids, the once-endangered osprey, tiny tree frogs, migrating waterfowl and many other species are located just a few steps away from the main buildings. Last week, more than 40 students, faculty and staff volunteered to explore this biodiversity. Thank you to all! Many gave up their lunch break, stayed late after work or dodged rain drops during a surprise downpour to participate in this research project for the Master of Arts in Instructional Technology Program.

First, volunteers took a pre-test seeking to assess their awareness of campus biodiversity. Afterwards, they piloted the Stockton Biodiversity nature trail that wraps around the perimeter of Lake Fred and took a post-test, which will help me to assess how well the nature trail worked in raising awareness of campus biodiversity.

The field guides are available to anyone who visits the campus and are stored in a wooden box at the start of the Light Path. Trail guides are also available online.

-Susan Allen



Stockton Biodiversity Trail Guides Now Available

Trail guides are now available on the Light Path across from the gazebo to help us get to know Fred a little bit better. The guides highlight a selection of plant and animal life that can be observed throughout the seasons along the one-mile perimeter of Lake Fred. Follow the wooden signs with arrows to stay on the trail.


A limited supply of guides is available, so I ask that they be returned to the box for future visitors.

Before hitting the trail, download a QR code reader onto your smartphone. There are a few QR codes in the trail guide that share audio and video of species in action.

Long pants, socks and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

If you capture photos and/or videos along the way, share your sightings on social media using #stocktonbiodiversity.


-Susan Allen