Running the trading post is a community activity. We want the community to get involved in many ways. The trading post is here to serve the Stockton community and we cannot do it without your help. Whether you are donating, or you are shopping, or you are trading you are helping the trading post. We would like to offer another way that you can help out the trading post even more than before.

Right now we only have three students working to run the trading post, which is why we are only open two days a week. We would like to expand and be open more days a week, every day if possible, to more effectively serve the Stockton community. To do this we will need a lot of help from the sommunity we serve. So we are asking for anyone with some time in their schedule who would like to get involved to fill out this form to receive information on volunteering for the trading post to help keep us open and better able to serve the Stockton community.