Camping Rentals

Do you want to go camping? Don’t have the right equipment? Don’t have $300 to drop on the right stuff for a fun camping weekend with your friends? (Who does, right?). Well have no fear! If you want to go camping but can’t justify the up-front cost, don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. The Stockton Trading Post is renting camping equipment to the Stockton community (just bring your Stockton ID). Everything from sleeping bags and pads, to backpacks, to tents (backpacking and otherwise) and hiking boots. You can check out equipment for a week, for free. Come by the Trading Post before your trip (we’re open Tuesdays and Thursdays), check out what we have and then enjoy the Great Outdoors! Just return it (cleaned and aired out) when you are done, and that’s it. And the best part is, the whole thing is free to use.