What are custom heat transfers?


Heat transfers are used for garments and personalizing anything from hoodies, hats, towels, and bags. You can find heat transfers in many different colors with various images and phrases to choose from. Heat transfers give the impression that the image is printed on the garment but isn’t.

What is a Custom Heat Transfer?

Heat transfers are an excellent way to customize garments with your unique design. There are many different ways to put your plans on a garment. They can either be printed on a garment or a heat transfer film.

Advantages of Custom Heat Transfers Compared to Screen Printing

The most appealing factor of a custom heat transfer is the price, as they are a less expensive option than screen printing. The colors are vibrant, and the images are clear. The ink is directly on the fabric, so you don’t have to worry about smudging or cracking after applying. However, you can only print one color on a shirt at a time without mixing colors, and it can be hard to see tiny fonts on specific fabrics. Screen printing is better for larger designs and coverage, and there is no hassle with an added cost for each color used.

What Can be Customized With Heat Transfers?

Heat transfers are used for aprons, hats, jackets, towels, and much more. It is a great alternative to screen printing for those looking for cheap and easy clothing customization. Heat transfers are a great way to add an extra touch to sports team uniforms and make theme shirts for everyone from a company retreat or sporting events. You can also use heat transfers to customize bags or make personalized towels or textiles. It would be best to have an inkjet printer and transfer paper and your custom heat transfer.

Types of Heat Transfer Films:

1. Vinyl Transfers.

Vinyl transfers are the most versatile type of heat transfer. You can print on the vinyl transfers, and after the image has been pressed into place, one can iron it directly onto your clothing. The vinyl transfers are more durable than other heat transfers because one can wash them hundreds of times without fading or cracking.

2. Sublimation Transfers.

Sublimation transfers are very different from vinyl and other types of heat transfers because they are not inked on the fabric. They have no color pigments even after they have been printed on. The technology allows the ink to be absorbed directly into the material, leaving no trace of ink behind on a piece of clothing.

Sublimation heat press transfers are perfect for athletic clothing and jerseys. It is also very common in the medical industry for nurses to use sublimation transfers to personalize scrubs with their names, initials, or phone numbers. When they pass out on a patient or move quickly around the hospital, staff members can easily identify them.

3. Scalable Transfers.

Scalable transfers are like vinyl transfers but can be scaled up or down as needed. These scalable transfers can stretch up to 100x their size without losing any detail in the design or damage to the actual transfer itself.


Heat transfers are a great way to instantly customize your clothing and make completely custom and unique shirts. If you’re looking to save money on screen printing and have the option of printing multiple colors, then heat transfers are the best option for you.

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